Love Is All You Need

The Beatles Show You Never Got To See

Jam-packed with dozens of number one hits, this theatrical music experience fuses world-class musicianship with state-of-the-art visual effects to create an evening of spectacular entertainment.

Following in the footsteps of The Beatles' own early tours Love Is All You Need sees the Fab Four delighting audiences in venues all over the world. Featuring many songs never performed live by the band themselves, this is truly The Beatles show you never got to see. Grab your Ticket to Ride on this Magical Mystery Tour and Twist and Shout in the aisles as we celebrate the Revolution that was The Beatles. Come Together and In The End, you'll discover that All You Need Is Love!


Music is at the very heart of Love Is All You Need. This is a spectacular experience that presents the most well loved repertoire on earth as it’s never been seen or heard before. The central band of four are joined by five musicians, supplementing iconic melodies to create a live, large-scale sound. State-of-the-art video design and live cameras optimise the visual experience for the audience, and involve them directly with the music unfolding on stage. Love Is All You Need has been conceived by the award-winning team behind some of the largest and most successful shows of the past decade.

Exceptional Production Values

With everything performed live on-stage by world-class musicians and state-ofthe- art theatrical effects. This isn't your everyday tribute act.

The Beatles show you never got to see

As the band themselves stopped making public appearances in the late 1960s and many of their later global megabits were only ever available on record.

One incredible party

With audiences singing and dancing in the aisles, we're one of the best nights out in town.

Cross-generational, global appeal

We're presenting the most universally loved and well-known repertoire on earth, overcoming barriers posed by age, language, or nation.



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